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What kind of liars are all the signs?


aries: impulsive liar

taurus: lies for personal, long-term gains

gemini: scatterbrained liar, manipulative liar

cancer: emotional gain liar 

leo: outer image liar, lies to exaggerate and play up their image

virgo: lies to push people out, lies to self as harsh criticism

libra: flirty liar, lies to please people

scorpio: lies to conceal parts of the truth, secretive liar

sagittarius: lies to avoid responsibility

capricorn: material gains liar

aquarius: lies to play up image, opportunist liar

pisces: manipulative liar, lies to induce pity and keep people close

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Any association with the Mockingjay symbol is forbidden.

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"I did not kill my wife. I am not a murderer.”

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Sometimes you need to do something bad to stop you from doing something worse.

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